The Best Raw Materials

We produce and use only the finest films. Great film makes a great package, and buying that film correctly has kept our customers on the right side of the market. If you are new to packaging materials or just want to understand all of your options please feel free to contact us to learn more.

If you are looking for great sealing strength, a reduction in leakers or the best-looking film around, Inexim can help. We understand your machinery needs and can help your company reach its full performance potential. Most films are built to suit, however we do offer a variety of pre-built structures that are our most popular.

Packaging Expertise

Job 1 at Inexim is your success. With that comes more orders and more capabilities for both your company and ours. We take great pride in your package being on the store shelf with turn that the retailers need.

International Shipping

Inexim can help control your brand around the world with safe and secure bag making for multiple ship locations. To learn more about having Inexim produce bags for multiple locations, including international locations, please contact us.

Free Quote

Let Inexim quote your next job, your next line extension, or your entire current line. We can handle single sku producers to store brands or copackers with hundreds of sku's. Request a free quote »