Pre-Made Bags

Our core business is pre-made printed pouches. From standard 3 side seal to stand pouches or even shaped pouches, we can produce virtually any bag style, in almost any material, with an emphasis on laminated barrier films from NY to PET. To learn more about great new packaging ideas or to receive a quote on your packaging needs, please feel free to call us today!

Spout Top Bags

Pre-Made and easy to fill.

Looking for a great way to ditch the heavy bottle? Try a spout bag. These bags are great for refills, oils, juices, spices and more. They also take up less room in the trash or, in some cases, the recycling bin. Ask an Inexim representative for more details.

The pet food industry has advanced into greater barriers.

Above is an example of an Inexim customer who produces high quality pet food and uses gravure print and high barrier to stand out in the market. Packaging that keeps pet food fresh helps through the distribution channels, store shelf life, and overall customer satisfaction, and pets love the taste!